Heizung, Strom, Wasser, Lüften - Heating, electricity, water, ventilate

Energiesparen - save energy

Heizung: Richtig heizen und lüften - Proper ventilation and heating

Windows usually close very tightly, so sometimes you might need to open the windows to let some air in. To save energy, turn off the heating while the windows are open.(Zitat: Refugee-Guide)

Strom sparen - save electricity

  • save electricity ("Strom einfach sparen" Energiekonsens.de)
  • Save electricity when illuminated ("Strom sparen-Beleuchtung" Energiekonsens.de)
  • Lots of people in Germany try not to use too much energy or resources. They do this to protect the environment but also to save money. For example, people try to not leave the refrigerator open for too long (both at home and in supermarkets). People also usually switch off the lights when they leave a room.(Zitat: Refugee-Guide)

Wasser - Water

Trinkwasser - drinkingwater

  • "Water in Germany" (Trinkwasser in Deutschland, BDEW)   
  • Drinking water from the tap is perfectly safe. Tap water is strictly controlled in Germany and so there is no risk. There are only a few exceptions, for example in public places or on trains, when a tap has a notice saying: “Kein Trinkwasser” (No drinking water).(Zitat: Refugee-Guide) 

Wasser sparen - save water